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BSA Awards

There are many awards in the Scouts BSA program.  Some are simple and take a step or two to complete. Some may take years of working on requirements.  A complete list of the BSA Awards can be found here.  Below are some highlighted awards with additional details:

Recruiter Strip and Master Recruiter Strip

Two of the easiest awards to earn. 

The BSA National Recruiter Strip has just one requirement: recruit one friend into Scouting. Any youth member — in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing or Sea Scouts — who gets a friend, classmate or relative to sign up for Scouting can receive the red, white and blue patch.

The Mecklenburg County Council Specific Master Recruiter Strip has just two requirements: recruit two friends into Scouting. Any youth member — in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing or Sea Scouts — who gets two friends, classmates or relatives to sign up for Scouting can receive the red, white and blue patch


50 Miler Award

Recognize members who cover the trail or boat route of not less than 50 consecutive miles; take a minimum of five consecutive days to complete the trip.

  • members shall complete the 50 miles / 5 day trip by sailboat, canoe, on foot, by horse, or by bicycle

  • members shall complete a minimum of 10 hours each of group work on projects to improve the trail, springs, campsite, portage, or area.(If 10 hours can not be completed on trek remaining conservation hours will be completed on other conservation projects)


Congressional Awards

These awards are earned on your own outside of scouts but there is an official partnership with the BSA! Your work in scouting aligns with the awards. Service, merit badges, leadership and camping trips can be applied to this individual award program that scouts work on at their own pace. 


You can register for the Congressional award at 13 ½ and start submitting activities when you turn 14.  You can continue to work on the award until you turn 24. 

There is a bronze, silver and gold certificate and a bronze, silver and gold medal. 


World Conservation Award

Scouts must earn three merit badge and complete three hours of conservation service hours

1. Environmental Science OR Sustainability

2. Soil and Water Conservation OR Fish and Wildlife Management 

3. Citizenship in the World


Complete Angler

Scouts must complete three merit badges


  1. Fishing merit badge

  2. Fly Fishing merit badge

  3. Fish and Wildlife Managment merit badge


Then do one of the following items:


  1. Teach a Fishing or Fly Fishing merit badge skill to your troop, or crew as part of a unit program activity. 

  2. Help instruct Cub Scouts on fishing skills or fishery management as part of a Cub Scout meeting or outing. 

  3. Participate in a local fishing derby or tournament, either a Scouting or Community event. 

  4. Complete a conservation project that will benefit a local fishery.


Religious Awards

Scouts  can earn the religious award for their denomination. The religious award knot is the one knot that youth can wear in scouting. Scouts can work on these awards on their own with the religious leader of their church. There are more details on the website below specific to each denomination.

Den Chief Service Award

  1. Serve the pack faithfully for one full year.

  2. Attend Den Chief Training (if available within year of service) OR be trained by the assistant Cubmaster and den leader.

  3. Know and understand the purposes of Cub Scouting.

  4. Help Cub Scouts achieve the purposes of Cub Scouting.

  5. Be the activities assistant in den meetings.

  6. Set a good example by attitude and uniforming.

  7. Be a friend to the Scouts in the den.

  8. Take part in weekly meetings.

  9. Assist the den at the monthly pack program.

  10. Meet as needed with the adult members of the den, pack, troop, or crew.

  11. Complete four of these projects:

    1. Serve as a staff member of a special Cub Scouting event, such as a Scouting show, bicycle rodeo, etc.

    2. Serve as a staff member of a Cub Scout day camp or resident camp.

    3. Advance one rank.

    4. Assist in recruiting three new Cub Scouts.

    5. Assist three Cub Scouts to become Webelos Scouts.

    6. Assist three Webelos Scouts to join a troop.

    7. Help to plan and carry out a joint pack-troop activity.

    8. Recommend to your Scoutmaster, or Venturing Advisor another Scouts BSA member, or Venturer to be a den chief.


Messengers of Peace

Recognizes scouts who participate in a Messengers of Peace project (service project). A global service project carried out by scouts around the world. 

There are four different Messengers of Peace Awards:

- Messenger of Peace Award - Purple 

- Champion Award - Blue

- Ambassador Award - Yellow

- Distinguished Award - Metallic Gold

Each Award has its own requirements and unique patch. Click on the links below to learn more details on how to earn these. 

More Information can be found online:



Here are some sample projects ideas:


Triple Crown / Grand Slam

Scouts must attend 3 or 4  qualified programs at a BSA High Adventure base.  More details can be found online.


National Outdoor Awards (NOA) for Camping, Aquatics, Conservation, Hiking, Riding and Adventure

This program, conceived by the BSA’s National Camping Task Force, includes a series of six badges designed to recognize a Scout, Sea Scout, or Venturer who has exemplary knowledge and experience in performing high-level outdoor activities.

The award consists of up to six emblem segments positioned around the perimeter of a beautiful center emblem. All are embroidered in full color. The segments represent six areas of emphasis: Camping, Aquatics, Conservation, Hiking, Riding, and Adventure, with rigorous requirements to earn each segment. The center emblem features an outdoor scene with fleur-de-lis and the words “National Outdoor Awards.”

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