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Eagle Scouts' Projects

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” -Barack Obama


In 2022 Sophie Dellinger led GT58 scouts to create a mural on the Rocky River Greenway for the Town of Davidson's Park and Recreation Department.  This beautification of a pedestrian tunnel would also help deter graffiti and serve as a springboard for future art projects.  Following Sophie's leadership, Parks & Rec is actively working with other groups to encourage them to expand the mural, eventually covering the entire tunnel.


In 2022 Anna Dula led GT58 scouts on a book drive for Promising Pages.

Anna with Eric Law, Promising Pages2022 Eagle.jpg

In 2023 Jolie C. decided that she wanted to work with Hope House Foundation in Huntersville for her Eagle project and reached out to Paula McGroarty to find out what their needs were. The area that was most in need of work was the garbage and recycling enclosure near the entrance to Hope House. With the help of her Scout friends from GT58, Crew 167, and Order of the Arrow and a few other close friends, Jolie led the complete rebuilding of the 4 swinging doors and the other 3 sides of the enclosure over the course of 4 work days and more than 200 hours of effort.


In 2023 Kate D. led GT58 scouts on a project for the Town of Davidson. Scouts  built and installed a Little Library at Beaty Park.  Kate collected over 450 books during her book drive. Stickers were added to the books promoting females earning the rank of Eagle Scout and then distributed to 15 Little Libraries around Davidson.  

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