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Welcome crossover scouts!!!!!



There is a lot happening when transitioning into Girl Troop 58; below is a helpful checklist to follow to help guide you through the process. As always, please contact any of these scout leaders with any questions:

Laurie Palmieri (Membership Chair) -

Dan McKenzie (ASM - Eaglette Program) -

Jenn Roeder (Scoutmaster) -

Katie Aittola (Committee Chair) -

Directly below are documents that will help you through the joining process for Troop 58 and provide you some of the basics about Troop 58 and Scouts BSA. The Troop 58 Recruitment FAQ will give you all the information about Troop 58 and highlight how we operate, key words that you will hear and a brief overview of Scouts BSA. The second document Troop 58 Joining Checklist is a checklist that you can print to help remind you of the steps to join Troop 58. These same steps are also outlined below on this webpage.

If you follow the steps below, it will help you through the process and will help us get you involved with  the troop.

Step 1
Complete the Contact Information Form

Completing this form will ensure the initial data is correct within our Advancement Tracking Application called Scoutbook for GT58, and also your scout (and family) are receiving all the right messages from the troop. Please print this form, complete and return to the troop.

Step 2
Review and Sign Troop 58 Discipline Policy

It is important to sit with your child and review the discipline policy with them. This will be an annual attestation. Please print this form, sign and return to the troop.

Step 3
Review and Sign Troop 58 Code of Conduct

It is important to sit with your child and review the Code of Conduct with them. This will be an annual attestation. Please print this form, sign and return to the troop.

Step 4
BSA Health Form


Details for your Health Form
Unit Leader: Jenn Roeder  

Phone: 248-765-9589

Council Name/No: Mecklenburg County Council / 415    

Unit No: Girl Troop 58


  • The troop needs 2 Copies of all Health form documentation listed above

If your scout is planning to attend Summer Camp then you will need the following:

  • Schedule your appointment with your Family Doctor and complete Part C of the Health Form before June of this year

  • Part C can be found at this address:

  • After you have Part C completed, you will need to submit 2 photocopies of it.  

  • NOTE: The health form expires one year from the date it is signed and must be resubmitted each year.

  • Recommendation: Families should keep a copy of their entire health form in case scouts need it for scouting events outside of troop activities. 

Step 5
Review and Sign Troop 58 Parents Pledge

It takes a lot to effectively run Girl Troop 58. Following Crossover, we will have around 25 scouts and without volunteers we cannot offer a healthy and productive program. While Scouts BSA is lead by the scouts, there is plenty of help needed by the parents and other family members. A small bit of support from you will take help take pressure off other leaders. Please reach out to us for more  information and we will also schedule time very soon to review opportunities. Please print this form, sign and return to the troop.

Step 6
Refer to the Troop's Event Calendar

Add the scheduled troop trips and events to your calendar. Here is the link to calendar on troop website.

Step 7

Crossover Dues to join the troop in March are $126. This mid-year fee allows the troop to provide your new GT58 scout with the following tangible items: a GT58 custom neckerchief, a neckerchief slide, custom troop 58 red number patch, olive shoulder loops, and custom patrol patch, which are all part of her Class-A uniform.  Crossover scouts also get a girl’s version of the BSA scout handbook and a GT58 navy, short-sleeve t-shirt (in the size of your choice). This t-shirt is considered part of her Class-B uniform, worn over olive green pants or shorts. Lastly, these dues also include a subsidized and prorated portion of the troop’s administrative expenses for this half of the year (March-Aug). 

Payments and reimbursements for all GT58 troop activities are being handled electronically using Zelle with few exceptions.  Zelle is already used by most banks and may already be accessible to you through your banking website or in your banking app on your phone without creating any additional accounts or passwords.  You can typically find it in the payment/transfer section of your banking platform.  Please contact the GT58 Treasurer at if you need assistance setting this up. 

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