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Scouting is not just about the achievements, ranks, and badges. Scouting is also about the community and friendships that are made along the way. Many scouts from GT58 have made special memories of our trips and meetings with each other. GT58 is not just about what you do in scouting but also who you do it with. We have built a strong community on trust and cheerfulness. All of our scouts have enjoyed our times together and made new friendships through the troop. Every trip or outing is a new opportunity for us to become closer as a group and grow as scouts. Each challenge we face, we face together. Our patrols are also tightly-knit, and  ready to face the world as a community. All of our scouts know they can trust each other and our troop  is open to all. As a scout in GT58, I can say with confidence that our scout troop provides so many friendship and community opportunities for the scouts in the troop. 

Every scout in our troop is unique and brings so much to the table with their own sets of skills, making our troop so much better with their individuality. Our troop is all about the scouts' friendships and roles in the community.

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